Client Stories

How we saved a client money and got them better cover.

We have a married couple that are currently paying for Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover that was set up by their mortgage broker in August 2015, when they bought their new house.

They have been paying £89.77 for the last 3 years, however we can get them the same amount of cover to pay off their mortgage balance, with a better Critical Illness policy for £74.69.

This means they have been paying 20.19% over the odds and equates to £866.88 so far in the insurers and mortgage brokers back pocket.

Thankfully they were referred to us and we can save them a lot of money as well get them better Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover.

Be aware that if you take or have taken Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection through a mortgage broker, the bank or a building society, there’s a very high chance you’ll be paying over the odds and won’t have the best cover.

We offer free consultations and reviews of any existing Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection for individuals, couples and businesses.